Acrylic VS Aluminuim Best Weed Grinders

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So you’re looking for the best weed grinders to grind your weed, but still don’t know which one you need? Then reed on because we’ll explain the different kind of grinders on the market to give you an insight of what you might need.

When choosing the best weed grinders, you should consider to get a quality or a budget grinder. Budget grinders are mostly acrylic and the best weed grinders are aluminium. Then there is size. You want a Medium sized 2,5 inch grinder or a Large 3,5 inch grinder? Does it need to have 2-3-4 or 5 parts? Such as a kief catcher, storage container etc. What about the teeth? How fine do you want your weed to be grinded?


What Material Have The Best Weed Grinders?

Acrylic best weed Grinders

Acrylic Grinders

Acrylic grinders are in my opinion a no-go. They are cheap and considered budget grinders because they don’t last long. Maybe a year. Whenever you use an acrylic grinder, kief and THC will fall in between the sides. Because it is plastic, the sides are going to be jammed. You’ll try to twist, but it’s only getting tighter. That is because the plastic is bending and issn’t strong enough to hold it’s form.


Aluminium Best Weed Grinders



Aluminium Grinders

Aluminium grinders are always the go-to whenever you want to grind your weed. Not only they are durable cus of the quility materials. They won’t bend and won’t get stuck like acrylic grinders. They also can have multiple parts like a kief catcher, storage container and have better teeth to grind.




What Size Are The Best Weed Grinders?

Choosing the best weed grinders in size. Depending how much weed you grind at the time, you should consider getting a Large Grinder of 3,5 inch if you need to grind a large amount of weed in one go. But if you don’t have alot to grind, a 2,5 inch grinder is fine. Do you want to have extra parts like a storage container where you can storage your weed in the grinder? Just remember: the amount of teeth equals how fine your weed is grinded. More in the next topic.

3,5 inch best weed grinders


How Many Teeth Do The Best Weed Grinders Have?

Teeth in a grinder is the most important part of a grinder. This is the part that actualy grinds the weed. The more teeth the grinder have, the finer your weed is going to be grinded. Most 2,5 inch grinder have about 50 teeth. Lesser teeth grinders almost have half the teeth and won’t grind your weed as fine 50 teeth grinders.

50 teeth best weed grinders25 teeth best weed grinders


How Many Parts Do The Best Weed Grinders Have?

Grinders come in alot of forms and shapes. The quality of a grinder issn’t about the options it has. They are only extra’s of what the owner suits. There are 2-3-4 and 5 parts grinders and they all are the same except for the teeth shapes and drop hole shapes. We preffer diamond shaped teeth and small round holes for the fine weed to drop in. The 2 part grinder is the simplest witch can only grind weed.

3 parts grinder              4 parts grinder                5 parts grinder


Our Top 10 Best Weed Grinders



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